World Champs to Move for 2020

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Xplosive Ape presents – The Static Monsters World Championships 2020 – USA

Photos by: Neil J Photography

The Static Monsters has always had a goal of getting more people involved with the sport. At the beginning it was events placed around the world giving everyone the chance to have a world ranking for their Log and Axle deadlift. In 2018 the first World Championships was offered to those competitors that placed at the top of their world ranking. 2019 saw the recent successful running of the second World Championships and for 2019’s Worldwide event in October there are already 24 countries involved, making it the most wide-ranging strongman competition in the world.

The 72.5kg Womens podium for 2019. The cloest competition was in this class with 1st and 2nd finishing on an equal Monster Total of 345kgs. Pictured from Left to right: Raissa Vogler, Camilla Fogagnolo, Lucia Delle Noci

To continue offering more access to the event for athletes and spectators, the World Championships will also become a worldlier event and for 2020 will be held in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The event will be run by the well accomplished Strongman event promoter, Chris Vachio. Chris is most well known for involvement in the sport where he is constantly competing or running events. On top of that his recent success in running the 2019 USS Nationals with over 430 competitors in a 1 day competition that finished in just 9 hours.

Simon Yates – England: Masters Class. Here seen cleaning the Gediminis Log.

What is the difference between the two Static Monsters events:

  • The Static Monsters Worldwide – This is a Log Press and Axle deadlift event held across multiple countries and cities on the same weekend around the world. The top placers in each class will be invited to compete in the World Championships. (normally held end October each year)
  • The Static Monsters World Championships – This is where the best of those from the Worldwide events gather to see who can lift the most at the same time on the same platform (normally held in the middle of the year)
Chris Vachio – Seen here after a successful lift at the 2019 World Championships on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Another addition for the World Championships in Ohio, 2020 will be the inclusion of classes for Adaptive Athletes. Adaptive classes were first included in the rankings for the Static Monsters World Wide in 2018. The interest gained there plus the large base of adaptive strength athletes on the North and South American continents gives the World Championships for 2020 the perfect place to launch such classes.

The well loved “Golden Logs” with loadable plates and collars will be back for those who take first place in their class for 2020

XplosiveApe’s creator, Uchit Vadher “I look forward to being apart of The Static Monsters into 2020, it is a brilliant concept for getting people involved in competing, giving them goals to achieve but most importantly for competitors to have access to a worldwide strongman competition, no matter where they are.”

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf – 2 times Open Mens World Champion has confirmed he will travel to the USA to compete in 2020 to try and hold his title for a 3rd year.

Expect the competition dates for the World Championships to be Mid 2020 and follow for the updates.


Chris Vachio – 2020 World Championships event organiser – [email protected]

Chad Croft – creator – The Static Monsters – [email protected]

Xplosive Ape –

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