Weight Classes

Competitors must weigh-in under their weight class as is it listed under 90kg, under 82.5kg, etc.
For example: if you weigh in 90.0kg you will be listed as under 105kg. If you weigh in as 89.9kg you will be listed as under 90kg. The same goes for pounds.

Static Monsters is an international event, we will set the weight classes in both Pounds and Kilograms.

52.5kg / 115.5lbs70kg / 154lbs
62.5kg / 137.5lbs80kg / 176lbs
72.5kg / 159.5lbs90kg / 198lbs
82.5kg / 181.5lbs105kg / 231lbs


For athletes having to weigh in for the above categories. Weigh-ins can start 24 hours before the competition time. For example, if the competition starts at 9:00am on a day, then you can weigh in from 9:00am or after the day before, not any earlier. Athletes are welcome to weigh in on the day as well. Weigh-ins are subjective to each individual event organiser based on their availability for weigh-ins. Video weigh-ins are not allowed.