The Static Monsters and Jakabol Strongfit

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The Static Monsters is now in its 9th year with 74 events for 2023 across 23 countries. It is  far bigger than original creator Chad Croft had imagined. To help with the growth of the event, the team from Jakabol Strongfit (known for the Magnus Ver Magnussion Classic) will be taking on the operation of 2023’s Worldwide event and The Static Monsters into the future. The team will bring more opportunities, support and professionalism going forward including:

– More support for adaptive athletes

– Opportunities in line with the Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic

– Regional level events (that many have been asking for)

– Live scoring

You won’t see much of a change in the way the event is handled other than the initial change to a live scoring system in the plan to get you your world rankings quicker than previous years. Please bare with us as the new and old scoring systems are combined and all records are updated accordingly after the running of the Worldwide event.

Thank you for your support of the Static Monsters, keep an eye out for our announcement of the country hosting the World Championships in 2024 and have a great competition next weekend.

Chad, Tony and Shaun

Contact: [email protected]

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