The Static Monsters Worldwide 2018 – Womens Log Rankings by Xplosive Ape

Xplosive Ape presents The Static Monsters Worldwide 2018 Womens Log Rankings: Weights and information noted as are judged and scored and submitted by the individual event organisers. Masters Classes (born October 26th 1978 or earlier). Weights listed are in Kilograms. If two athletes tie on the same weight, the athlete that weighed in at the […]

29 events and counting – Static Monsters 2017

The Static Monsters now has 29 events planned around the world all for the weekend of October 28th and 29th. A Strongman style push/pull event with a max Log Press and a Max Axle Deadlift. The event is designed to not only give people around the world access to a worldwide scorecard but also to […]