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Previous editions (oldest editions at the bottom, most recent editions at the top):

September 7th 2020:

– More events added around the world
– Multiple requests for crop tops
– A look at World Records set last year

August 26th 2020:

-New shirt designs for 2020 released to the audience.

July 20th 2020:

– How do the World Rankings Work
– Meet Rebecca Aichholzer a competitor returning to statics after an injury
– Podcast interview with Chad, creator of The Static Monsters
– 39 events now listed on the website for 2020 so far…
– Everyone can have a go – why Static Monsters is set up with everyone in mind.

July 7th 2020:

1000 competitors expected for Worldwide, Masters and the Static Monsters, History of developtment of the event, 2019 World Champs video

June 26th 2020:

– Initial introduction, 76 events currently planned for 2020