SMWW 2021 Results

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2021 has seen the biggest ever gathering of strongman competitors to take part in a the Static Monsters competition. 1256 competitors (yes, we had announced 1253 last week) plus a long list of organisers, volunteers and of course spectators in 68 cities and towns across 21 countries. With that came some very close competition among the world rankings along with some new Static Monsters and World Records.

**** At the time of writing this, the “All Time Records” list on has not yet been updated with the 2021 records. ****

For those that finished at the top of their class rankings, they will also qualify for the 2022 Static Monsters World Championships (SMWC).

SMWC – Qualifying information – everyone in the top ten of their class (or near to it, needs to read this)

The World Championships website – CLICK!

Congratulations to the below athletes that topped their class for 2021 (click on their name to see all the rankings for that class):

u52.5kgs – Melissa Teich – USA

u62.5kgs – Holly McRae – Canada

u72.5kgs – Camilla Fogagnolo – Australia

u82.5kgs – Nadia Stowers – USA

Open Women – Shayna Wirihana – New Zealand

Masters Women – Monica Filipon Sato – Brazil

u70kgs – Dan Jay – England

u80kgs – Tim Daglish – England

u90kgs – Ed Obasuyi – England

u105kgs – Ludvik Lang – Germany

Open Men – Mitch Hooper – Australia

Masters Men – Henry Norris – USA

Adaptive Seated – Male – Tobias Anthofer – Germany

Adaptive Standing – Male – Stephen More – USA

Adaptive One Arm – Male – James Spurgin – USA

Adaptive One arm – Female – Stefanie Morchen – Germany

Adaptive Neuro – Male – Justin Boencke – Australia

The Numbers:

For those that are into the numbers a little, here is the breakdowns for classes and competitors for 2021:

304 Women (up 36% from 2020 – 224) and 952 men (up 24% from 2020 – 724) with an average of 18.5 competitors taking part in each event, up from 15.8 the year before.

Fastest Growing weight classes – Womens 82.5kgs up 33%, Womens 52.5kg up 32% and mens 80kgs up 31% year on year.

Biggest Countries – USA with 436 competitors, Australia – 262 and Canada – 117 (USA also with the most class wins with 5)

Power play countries – Germany (37 competitors and England (49 competitors) – both countries had 3 competitors take home top spots in their classes.

27.5% more competitors took part in the 2021 event than 2020, on that same path there will be over 1600 competitors involved for the worldwide event on October 29 and 30 2022.

See you all at the World Championships in Ohio USA on July 23 2022.

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