SMWW 2020 Top Rankings

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The Static Monsters Worldwide for 2020 has been the biggest ever with 985 people taking part from 19 countries on the weekend of October 24/25, 2020.

The top lifts from each of the classes can be seen in the 2020 lift records page of .

Congratulations and well done to the below competitors on their efforts and taking the top place in their class for 2020:

Masters Women: Lydia Hantke

Adaptive Seated, Women: Dana Shealey

Adaptive Standing, Women: Kresenda Keith

Adaptive One Arm, Women: Stefanie Mohrchen

Open Women: Sharon Moss

u82.5kg Women: Nadia Stowers

u72.5kg Women: Leah Burdsall

u62.5kg Women: Holly McRae

u52.5kg Women: Kay Kay Keung

Masters Men: Zydrunas Savickas

Adaptive Seated, Men: Tobias Anthofer

Adaptive Standing, Men: Frank Moravcick

Adaptive One Arm, Men: James Spurgin

Adaptive Neuro, Men: Jeff King

Open Men: Zydrunas Savickas

u105kg Men: Nugongid Buranasate

u90kg Men: Matthew Lliffe

u80kg Men: Richie Stout

u70kg Men: Muhammad Ichram

To find all of the rest of the rankings, please head to the records section of or CLICK HERE

Save the date for the Static Monsters World Championships – July 24th 2021

Save the date for the Static Monsters Worldwide – October 23 and 24 2021

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