SMWC2018 – Competitor Lists

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Below is the full list of competitors for the 2018 running of The Static Monsters World Championships:

  • 22 International competitors are making their way to Australia for the World Championships
  • 10 Countries will be represented at this event – Australia, Canada, England, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, USA.
  • The Mens Under 80kgs Class has more Internationals than Australians

Womens Under 62.5kg:
Jess Donnellan (out) – Australia
Barbara Chng – Singapore
Edith Turcotte – Canada
Steph Radovanovic – Australia
Alira Verity – Australia
Bec Singleton – Australia
Alex Smith – Australia
Angeline Feliciano – Philippines
Megan Powell – Australia


Womens Under 72.5kgs:
Melissa Peacock – Canada
Genevieve Smith – Australia
Leigh Holland-Keen – Australia
Husnul Khatimah Wajidi – Malaysia
Lucia Pimpida Delle Noci – Australia
Kylie Monea – Australia
Nathalie Maira – Australia


Womens Under 82.5kgs:
Scout Symons – Australia
Malin Dalshoff – Sweden
Kathleen Tunnecliffe – Australia
Cristina Crass – United States
Ainslee Gordon – Australia
Nita Ohara – Australia
Jacinta Holman – Australia


Womens Open:
Helen Gorecki (out) – Australia
Jennie Bell – New Zealand
Louise Edwards – Australia
Chantelle Polgreen – Australia
Stepfhanie Collier (out) – Australia
Megan Wall – Australia
Andrea Rowan – Australia


Mens Under 80kgs:
Les Grills – Australia
Steve Steytler – Asutralia
Luis Antonio Arrieta – Philippines
Brenden Eberle (out) – Canada
Chester Paul Faytaren – Philippines
Muhd Shazry – Singapore
Muhammad Juhairi (Joe) – Singapore
Kaden McGee – Australia
Patrick Castelli – Australia


Mens Under 90kgs:
Dale McPherson – England
Shane Riley – Australia
Cole Roddy – Canada
Sam Le Cerf – Australia
Nestor Jr. Nestor – Philippines
Jake Taylor – Australia
Michael Smits – Australia
Brett Lanier – United States
Matt Clifford – Australia


Mens Under 105kgs:
Matt Lynch Blanch – Australia
Lee andersen – Australia
andrew stuart – Australia
Mason Douglas-Cartwright (out)-  Australia
Isaac Maze – Canada
Nugongid Buranasate – Thailand
Matthew Waldron – Australia


Mens Open:
Ben Williams – England
Albie Mushaney – America
Corey Polkinghorne – Australia
Joshua Bourne – Australia
Travis Wieck – Australia
Ahmad Taufiq Muhammad – Singapore
James Davies – Australia
Jean-Stephen Coraboeouf – Australia


* those marked as (out) have reported injured since signing up to the event.