SMWC 2018 to SMWC 2019 – First Qualifiers

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With the recent running of the Static Monsters World Championships for 2018, also being the first multi-class Amateur Log and Deadlift competition to offer a worldwide qualifying standard, we look foward to the World Championships for 2019.

The top three placegetters from the 2018 world Championships, in each weight class will automatically qualify for the World Championships in 2019, wherever they may be held. These athletes also set the standard for what will have to be acheived to get onto the podium in 2019 also very good goals/targets for athletes to aim for in the 2018 WorldWide competition so they can also qualify for the World Championships in 2019.

The 2018 Static Monsters World Wide event will be held on October 27 and 28 across more than 14 countries (so far) and over 40 events all on the same weekend. Find an event near you here:

The competitors that have qualified for the World Championships in 2019 based on their places in the 2018 event are:

Womens under 62.5kg Class:
Barbara Chng – Singapore
Angeline Feliciano – Philippines
Edith Turcotte – Canada

Womens under 72.5kgs Class:
Melissa Peacock – Canada
Lucia Delle Noci – Australia
Leigh Holland-Keene – Australia

Womens under 82.5kgs Class:
Cristina Crass – USA
Ainslee Gordon – Australia
Nita O’Hara – Australia

Womens Open Class:
Louise Edwards – Australia
Jennie Bell – New Zealand
Chantelle Polgreen – Australia

Mens under 80kgs:
Les Grills – Australia
Chester Pail Faytaren – Philippines
Steve Steytler – Australia

Mens under 90kgs:
Shane Riley – Australia
Brett Lanier – USA
Michael Smits – Australia

Mens under 105kgs:
Andrew Stuart – Australia
Matthew Lynch Blanch – Australia
Isaac Maze – Canada

Mens Open Class:
Jean-stephen Coraboeuf – Australia
Ben Williams – England
Ahmad Taufiq Mohammed – Singapore

Have a look at some of the highlights of the 2018 World Championships: