SMWC 2018 – Full Event Video

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The Live Stream for 2018’s Static Monsters World Championships was by far the most successful stream we have ever had. 1000 (One Thousand) people tuned in to watch it.

43% were Australian / 57% International
Canada 20%
USA 10%
United Kingdom 8.6%
Singapore 6.8%
New Zealand 4.1%
Thailand 3.8%
Philippines 2.0%
After that we had viewers from Turkey, UAE, Germany, Hong Kong, Jordan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Maldives.

The mix of viewers between the Women and Men was split right down the middle, 50% female and 50% male viewers! Inside Australia the viewership was 57% female and 43% female! Great to see so much interest in the sport from the women’s side. Although most people watched the event via their mobile phones (over 600) it was great to see people set it up to watch on their TV and via their gaming consoles in their lounge rooms with 91 people doing this.

For those wanting to check out the whole video, please watch it below: