SMWC 2018 – Event Team

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The Static Monsters World Championships for 2018 was the largest undertaking of any event I have done so far. With that we also had the largest event team to support it. Every single one of the names below worked incredibly hard in their own volunteered time to make sure the World Championships was brought to you smoothly and there is no way it would have happened without them.

Live Stream – Ash Sharma, Jason Holmes
Weigh Ins/Stage Team – James Darragh, Arielle Chard
Loaders – Simon Morelli, Rachel Smith, Callum Haggerty, Elkie Shakespeare, Sam Goodey, Chris Humphries, Bruce Fraser, Leigh Shaw
Scoring System – James Davies
Scoring – Asha Pochin, Red Wiard, Kingsley Saville
Judges – Drew Spriggs, John Wells, Marc Wells
Equipment Transport – Bruce Fraser
Equipment Calibration – Bruce Fraser
Physiotherapist – James Grafton/Champion Physiotherapy
Competition Equipment – Coco’s Gym
Photography – Kyle Unwin Photographer, Break Neck Images
On Site Medic – Khine Kyaw
MC – Tim O’Shea


If you know any of these people, shoot them a message to say thanks for what they did to bring you the event.


Thank you to the SMWC2018 Event team.