Patrick “The Cannon” Castelli – The Static Monsters 2017

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Recently relocating to Australia means we are now lucky enough to have one of the worlds best under 80kg competitors competing in The Static Monsters for 2017. Now competing at the home of The Static Monsters, Patrick will definitely be looking to qualify for the 2018 world championships in the mens under 80kgs class!


How Strong is The Cannon? Current under 80kgs Strongman deadlift record holder, thats how strong!

Name: Patrick “Cannon” Castelli
Age: 27
Height: 1.75 meters tall (5’9″ or 69″)
Weight Class: 80 kg
Best log 130 kg (290 lbs)
Best Deadlift from the floor on a standard bar 317.5 kg (700lbs)
Sponsored by:
– HVIII (pronounced “hate”) Brand Goods
– Cerberus Strength
-Excelerate Sport
– Injector Dynamics
Favorite Food: lucky charms cereal
Quirky Facts: before changing majors and getting a Masters degree in Exercise Science, I got into University on a music scholarship off an audition to be a music major
Favorite Movie: I’m a huge movie buff, so it’s hard to pick just one, but anything from MARVEL Cinematic Universe is always a good start.

Find more events around the world, not just the one that Patrick is competing in on the Gold Coast, Australia. Check out the World Map of events for The Static Monsters for 2017:


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