New weight classes for the Worldwide event in 2020

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November 19th 2019

Photo by : Neil J Photography

As The Static Monsters continues to grow in size, the goal is to make the it more accessible for people to either compete in or to run an event as a part of the Worldwide competition. The Static Monsters Worldwide has now been run for 5 years in a row with the biggest numbers of both competitors (721) and events (49) in 2019. For 2020 the Worldwide event will grow again with over 60 event organisers putting their hands up to run events across more than 20 countries. We will be adding an under 52.5kg womens class and an under 70kgs mens class after continued feedback that more people could benefit from lighter weight classes.

Across Asia, where there are dominant numbers of competitors and strength levels in the lighter weight classes in both Powerlifting and Weightlifting there is a precedent that the sport of Strongman could benefit by accommodating those competitors as well. For the Worldwide event in 2020 these classes will complement our current 8 weight classes. As the years have gone by, The Static Monsters has tried to adapt and be more inclusive for both competitors and event organisers.

Below is the timeline of the development of The Static Monsters:

  • 2015 – The First one (It was Just “The Static Monsters”, one event only), 1 womens class and 4 mens classes.
  • 2016 Worldwide – Three womens classes added, now 4 womens and 4 mens classes.
  • 2017 Worldwide – Masters Classes added, World Championships offered for top place getters in regular weight classes
  • 2018 Worldwide – Adaptive Classes added, World Championships offered places for Masters Classes as well as regular classes, first World Champs ran May 2018
  • 2019 Worldwide – Adaptive classes offered places at World Championships, World Championships moves offshore to USA for the first time (normally Australia), second World Championships ran in June 2019
  • 2020 Worldwide – Womens under 52.5kgs class added, Mens under 70kgs Class added.

I look forward to continuing offering opportunities for people to have a go at our great sport of Strongman and at the same time making this event a well known feature on the Strongman calendar. With the expected success of the new weight clsases we plan to have them as a part of the World Championships in 2021

Good luck to you all in your lifting in 2020.

Chad Croft

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