Monster Totals 2019 – Men

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The 2019 Monster Totals for Men:


– *** results are not final, please wait until the week of Monday 3rd November results to be finalised.

– At times rankings will be incredibly close. This is due to the changeover between weight plates in lbs and kgs, some countries are using pounds and these weights are then converted to kilograms, hence the odd looking numbers on some rankings. Also the different weights of each log across the planet and at each event.

– If you find a problem with your numbers, weight class or ranking, please contact your local event organiser. Do not contact The Static Monsters directly as the information has to come from your own local Static Monsters event organiser.

– Results are tabled from 49 events across 19 countries

Classes are listed in this below order down the page:

  • Adaptive Men
  • Under 80kgs class
  • Under 90kgs class
  • Under 105kgs class
  • Open Mens class
  • Masters Mens class – Please note that masters men will also show up in regular classes as well. Masters is a sub ranking within the weight classes.

Once scores are finalised next week (November 3rd to 9th) athletes will be shared more information about the 2020 Static Monsters World Championships in Columbus Ohio. Event website is The Static Monsters World Championships 2020.

Adaptive Men




Open Men

Masters Men

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