How to Compete

So, you want to have a go at competing in The Static Monsters. If you haven’t been involved before, you would be aiming to compete in The Static Monsters Worldwide event. Where do you start?

Find an event near to you

The below map and event listing is updated regularly, so not all events are always listed. Event organisers update and add their events in as the time gets closer and closer to the October Worldwide event date. However, get in touch with us and we can help to point you towards an event organiser in your region.

Price to compete in an event will be set in your local currency for your region. Please contact your local event organiser to find the cost of entry.

Where is the nearest Static Monsters?

Event Rules

Have a read of the event rules to help you get your head around what might be needed on competition day. If you are training specifically for the event, this way you will also know how to conduct yourself and what is likely to be expected of you while competing.

Static Monsters Rules


Do you have access to a gym with strongman equipment, then they may have something that suits you to train on for the event. Have a look here at the Equipment regulations, you might find you have the exact equipment needed to train on. This doesn’t mean you specifically need that equipment to train on, many athletes do incredibly well without the exact equipment.

Static Monsters Equipment Regulations

Athlete Classes

You have decided you want to have a go at competing, you are comfortable with the rules and the log and axle deadlift. Before signing up you may want to plan which class you want to compete in. We have the opportunity for you to compete in many classes, no matter where you are in the world to give you the best level of competition possible.

There are Adaptive classes (standing, seated, One Arm etc), Masters Mens and Womens, plus 5 each of men and women’s weight classes.

Static Monsters Weight Classes

Master Athletes

Adaptive Athletes

Once the Worldwide event happens, all your rankings are sent in by your local event organiser to the overall Static Monsters event organiser to be compiled. Once they are compiled, all competitors get their world ranking for the class they signed up in roughly a week after they have competed. If you end up doing well and you place in the top then in your class, you will be offered a spot to compete at the Static Monsters World Championships the following year.

The Static Monsters Records and Results

How about checking out what World Championships looks like, here is a video taken from the most recent World Championships, held in June 2019 on the Gold Coast, Australia!