Finding your own Athlete Page

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Each athlete now has their own page showing their competition history. Below we will show you how to find yours:

Instructions for use on PC (for mobile use, please see recent post on Instagram or Facebook. There is a 4 minute video taking you through it on an Android mobile.

The above image is of the front page of the website. To start finding your own athlete page or any previous Worldwide records click on the top menu noted as “The Competition.” This will then display the records section of the website.

Now the records section is open, on the left of the screen is a “search” box. Start typing your name into here, suggested names will show up then click on the correct one. The next screen will show similar to the two below examples:

  • Kalana Fenandes – U62.5kg competitor from Hong Kong
  • Matthew Aichholzer – Masters competitor from Australia

What to look for in the above athlete pages:
From the top:
– Athlete name
– Beside the name is a “Chain-Link” – this chain link can be clicked to save your athlete profile to your clipboard so you can paste it later to your social media post, website, email or maybe even to show a potential sponsor your competition history
– Best Result – this series shows the best log lift, best axle deadlift and best monster total the athlete has competed across all their years of competition. In the above example, Kalana did her best log at the 2019 World champs but her best deadlift at the 2019 Worldwide.
– The rest of the results are line by line of each years competition going in reverse date order down the page to their earliest time competing in The Static Monsters. World Championships and Worldwide results are both listed on this athlete page.
– World Championships – this is denoted in Kalana’s second record (in gold) where Kalana placed 4th in the World Championships.
– Masters Class – on Matthew Aichholzers athlete page, if you can zoom in to see it, below the “year” in this case, 2018 it lists both his ranking as an Open Male and as a Masters Male for that year. Masters Athletes recieve a world ranking for both their weight class and in the masters class when they compete.

Anyone who has competed in the Static Monsters before, even if only once, will have their own page now. If you find any errors in your records please go to the bottom of the website and click on “Record Amendment” so you can send us the details of your problem record.

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