Why does my record in pounds (imperial) look like it is incorrect?

As the Static Monsters is run and organised using the Metric system, all lifts are first converted to Kilograms (metric) before they are put into the database. From here, this means your lifts have been converted once. The small change in your lift numbers in pounds will arise when the numbers are converted from kilograms back to pounds again. For Example.

A 300lb lift will be divided by 2.2 to get the Kilograms weight of 136.363636.

This lift will then be rounded to 136.36 kgs. This is the number you will be ranked on and what is shown and stored in the database.

When you choose to then toggle the Static Monsters Database from Metric to show Imperial the change is worked out this way.

136.36kgs multipled by 2.2 which is 299.992.

This will be rounded to 299.99lbs.

This rounding does not change your ranking as your ranking is still based on your original metric lift.