The Static Monsters Worldwide 2023 – Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

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  • 28/10/2023
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm



The Static Monsters is a strongman Push/Pull based in Australia that has become a worldwide event. This year Revolution Fitness will host for the state of Mississippi and add three events to make it a United States Strongman Nationals qualifier.  The lifts include a log press, axle deadlift, crucifix hold, arm over arm truck pull, and yoke/sandbag race. Full details can be found in the Static Monsters Event Rules.  This event is open to lifters of any sex and ability. There are adaptive classes for seated, standing, neuro, and upper extremity limitations. The event organizer (Joshua Smith) is an above knee amputee and will be happy to answer any questions related to these classes. To compete in an adaptive class you must have an impairment as described in the adaptive lifter guidelines.  The top ten competitors from each class internationally will qualify to compete in the 2023 Static Monsters World Championship.

Weigh Ins:  October 27th from 1PM until 6PM.  Limited weigh ins will be available October 28th at 8AM by appointment only.

Rules:  Rules will be at 8:30AM the morning of the event.  Attendance is not mandatory, however you will be held to the letter of the rules.

Volunteers:  If you’re available to help with spotting and loading, please reach out to me before the event.

The event will use USS weight classes and guidelines for the sake of local scoring.  Some of the classes we are running combined.  For example Masters Lightweight and Heavyweight and Novice Lightweight and Heavyweight will be combined.  If you don’t podium for the sake of local scoring, you may still qualify for nationals.  On the back end we will submit your scores to Static Monsters and filter you into your appropriate weight classes for their organization.

If you qualify for USS Nationals or the Static Monsters World Championships and elect to go, USS Mississippi will pay your entry fee into either of those competitions.

Contact Joshua Smith on email for more information: [email protected]