The Static Monsters Worldwide 2023 – Dayton, Kentucky, USA

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  • 29/10/2023
  • 11:00 am - 5:00 pm



This is a USS sanctioned show. USS membership is required for ALL athletes. No competing federation shirts allowed while on the competition floor…except for stones. You want to ruin a competing fed shirt and get tacky all over it, we’re A-OK with that. 🙂

Spectators: $10, 6 & under free.

Weigh-Ins: 10/27 at the venue, more details to come.  10/28, 9:00-10:30am.

Combining of classes…If I do not have enough entries for a podium in both sub classes when I need to order awards (10/13), the classes will be combined into a single class. Example: I have 3 Open 123 women and 2 Open 132 women, they will be combined into a single Open women Lightweight class.

We’re brainstorming another Halloween themed event. When we come up with it, I’ll make an update here.

Event 1: Max log. 3 attempts, max weight, we’ll be using a flight format to give everyone ample rest in between attempts. No Wessels rule on this one. Seated adaptive athletes will be doing a max incline log, standing one armed will do a max monster bell. Typical stuff that’s allowed is allowed.

Event 2: Max 17.75″ Axle Deadlift. Static Monsters rules come from Australia and they use that metric crap, so it’s not an 18″ deadlift. We’ll be using Arsenal Athletics Axles. 3 attempts, max weight, also done flight style. Suits, straps, sleeves allowed. No hooks. Seated adaptive will do a chest supported row for max.

Event 3: Bring out the dead! You’ll carry a body bag about 50 feet and drop it into the casket, then drag the casket back across the finish line. The entire casket must cross the line for time to stop. Body bag will have a 150lb MMA dummy in it. For heavier classes, sandbags will be added to the casket. Fastest time or most distance wins.

Event 4: Deathly Drag Race. The casket with the body bag in it will be attached to the back of a frame. Carry the frame ~50 feet as fast as possible. No straps. Fastest time or most distance in 60 seconds wins. Weight listed on the grid is for the frame only. The casket and body add ~150 not factoring in the friction of the drag.

Event 5: Stone over bar. In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, the stones will be painted like boobs. You will have 3 stone weight choices. One rep at a higher weight beats any number at a lower weight. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE STONES. If you pick one too heavy and cannot load it, sucks to be you. 60 seconds for the most reps. Tacky and all normal stone stuff allowed. If a stone monster wants an even heavier stone than any listed, we can probably make that happen but everyone in your group will have to agree to allowing that stone to be added.

To contact the organiser of this event please send an email to Chris Vachio: [email protected]