The Static Monsters Worldwide 2022- Eatontown, NJ, USA

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  • 29/10/2022
  • All Day



The Static Monsters Worldwide 2022- Eatontown, New Jersey


*USS Nationals 2023 and Static Monsters Worlds 2023 qualifier


*2022 USS Inc. membership required


Weigh-Ins (no exceptions):

The Pit Gym

749 Hope Road,

Eatontown, NJ


Friday 10/28/22: 12-4

Saturday 10/29/22: 8-9am

Athlete meeting: 9am (Mandatory for all athletes)

Contest time: 9:30am

Spectator fee: $15 (sold at door)


Events: Max log, Max DL and farmer hold (In that order)




*Keep in mind, this is a competition with TWO federation regulations. For your scores to count for Static Monsters, you will need to complete max log and Max DL. Your weight class for Static is found using the above link. Your scores for ALL THREE events will count to qualify for USS Nationals 2023. Those weight classes are below*





LWW (132.4 and under)

MWW (132.5-165.4)

HWW (165.5-198.4)

SHW (198.5 and above)






LWM (181.4 and under)

MWM (181.5-220.4)

HWM (220.5-275.4)

SHM (275.5 and above)





-Trophies for 1st place

-Medals for 2nd and 3rd

-Top 3 of OPEN classes (including Masters) and 1st place Novice get USS Nationals 2023 invite

-Top 10 of Static Monsters Worldwide scores qualify for Static Monsters Championships 2023



– Athlete nominates their opening attempt for both log and deadlift events at the time of checking for the event.

– Athlete cannot drop their nominated weight after a failed attempt or a completed attempt.

– No minimum weight increase. This is due to international events crossing over to lbs or kgs.


(Men 12”, Women 10”)

*opening weight 165 and 110# respectively

– Athlete will have 60 seconds to complete the lift after being given the go ahead from the judge. – The log must be controlled back to the ground. (No Throwing of the implement). The log does not need to be returned to the chest on the descent, only controlled to the ground.

-Any dropped lift will result in a failed lift and will not count. If you are told your lift does not count, you may attempt it again providing you still have time within your allotted 60 seconds for that particular lift.

– Each athlete has 3 attempts.

– Lift is completed when the judge calls “down”. To receive the “down” call, the lifter must have knees, hips and shoulders locked out and head “through”.

– If the athlete successfully locks out a rep just before the buzzer but then drops the implement in an uncontrolled way, the rep will not count.

– Not allowed- Two belts, one above the other on the torso (equivalent to a stepped setup), is not allowed. A loop in the belt is not allowed. No tacky. No straps. The log cannot be rested on the top of the head during the lift. It may however be allowed to touch the head during the upward trajectory.

– Allowed- Chalk is allowed. Belts are allowed, an under belt and an over belt is allowed. The log can touch, bounce off, rest on the belt during the clean. Wraps and sleeves are allowed, including “equipped” elbow sleeves. One item per joint. IE one elbow sleeve, not multiple sleeves on the one elbow. (wraps on elbows aren’t allowed)



(Axle bar w/ wagon wheels @ ~16” from bottom of bar )

*opening weight 200#

– A conventional stance deadlift is mandatory. No Sumo stance allowed, no Jefferson deadlifts or any other variation, conventional deadlift only. Hands must be outside the knees for the entire duration of the lift.

– Each athlete has 3 attempts.

– 60 seconds to complete the lift after the whistle blows. Lifter can continue to lift until the full 60 seconds are up.

-No points awarded if no complete lifts are counted

– Lift is completed when the judge calls “down”. To receive the “down” call, the lifter must have knees, hips and shoulders locked out.

– Athletes opening lift must be at the minimum set weights or above for that class

– Not allowed: A long figure 8 strap with “fingertips” being the only thing touching the bar will not be an acceptable lift. No Tacky allowed. No “Eddie Halls” allowed, weight must be controlled to the ground for the lift to count. No “Boardwalk Bounce” allowed on any lifts.

– Allowed: Straps allowed, figure 8 straps also allowed. However they must be tight and the hands have to be around/holding the axle. Deadlift suits are allowed.


(top load farmers**NJ STATE RECORDS)

Athlete may begin with hands on the farmers handles. After the athlete is given the “lift” command and a lock out is shown, time will begin. A lock out has the athlete’s hips and knees locked and shoulders back. Time will be called once there is a break in the knees or hips or handles are dropped from hands.

-Not allowed: straps, tacky

-Allowed: wrist wraps, sleeves, belts, chalk


DEADLINE: 10/1/22


**Static Monsters gives new athletes the opportunity to try competing for the first time without the barrier of having to learn too many events as well as offering experienced athletes some goals to compete for and the opportunity to compete against the best athletes in the world all under the same conditions and rules despite being across the world.**


**We have paired Static Monsters events with a third event to sanction it under US Strongman, Inc. So registrants have a chance to qualify for not only Static Monsters World Championships 2023 but also USS Nationals 2023.**