Event Submission – The Static Monsters Worldwide

Before you submit an event you must contact the Static Monsters team either on Social Media or by email to confirm your event will fit in with any other neighbouring events. After that, please go through the event rules, equipment regulations and weight classes to make sure you are happy with all those details. Then you can submit an event:

Submit your event details for Static Monsters:

By filling out the below form and submitting your event for The Static Monsters Worldwide competition you are agreeing to the below:

  • The competition has to be open to those of all strength and ability.
  • The event has to be run on the same weekend as all other events around the world, October 28 and 29, 2023.
  • The event will have both lifts happening on the same day. You choose one day of the competition weekend to host your event on.
  • The event has to follow the same rules and equipment regulations as stated on www.staticmonsters.com
  • Competitors have to weigh in under their weight class. IE: under 105kg competitor can not be 105kgs when weighing in, they have to be 104.99kgs or lighter
  • Score sheets are to be submitted within 24 hours of the finalisation of the event (by 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday 30th November 2023) and in the format required. If not, athletes will be ineligible for inclusions in the Global rankings and the World Championships.
  • The event organiser is to provide video confirmation of the exact dimensions of their axle deadlift height 60 days before the event (31st August 2023).
  • The event organiser is to use the branding provided by The Static Monsters on all the promotion materials of their event.
  • Event Name is to follow the guideline “The Static Monsters Worldwide 2023 – City Name, State/Province Name, Country Name”
  • The Static Monsters will provide the base shirt design for the event organisers. If the event is to run with a competitor shirt, this design is to be used. The event organiser can also add their sponsor details to the shirt.
  • Lifts are to be completed as per the event rules. Ie, Log to be controlled to the ground. Any dumped log lift attempts will not be counted etc.
  • If a confirmed event has to change venue, the distance of the venue can not be any closer to any other event already happening. Please confirm this with the Static Monsters Organisers.
  • Events need to be 2 (subject to change) hours drive or more from any other currently running event inside the same country, unless otherwise confirmed in writing by The Static Monsters and the event organiser already running an event.
  • If an international sponsor comes on board, your event must promote that sponsor as a part of your event. This is to help cover costs of running an international event where organisers do not have any charges involved with being apart of this global event.
  • In the event details section below, please include your contact email so that potential competitors may contact you with any questions.
  • You must supply your own insurance for running an event.

(Subject to approval)

Event name must follow the guidelines “The Static Monsters Worldwide 2023- City, State, Country” For Example:

“The Static Monsters Worldwide 2022, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia”

“The Static Monsters Worldwide 2022, Columbus, Ohio, USA”


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