Colm Woulfe verse Stan Carradine

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International Athlete Matchups for The Static Monsters for 2017
The Static Monsters for 2017 will see some super athletes from all around the world going head to head. On the larger side of the field we have Stan Carradine (USA) vs Colm Woulfe (NZ)

Lets have a look at these two on paper and you can tell me who you think will come out on top?

Stan Carradine:
Age: 34
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 136kgs (300lbs)
Best Lifts:
Log: 413lbs (186kgs) comp, 430lbs (195kgs) in training
Deadlift: 825lbs – competition (375kgs)
Best Placings:
– 2015 America’s Strongest Man
Loves: Emperors New Groove



Colm Woulfe:
Age: 28
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 175kgs (385lbs)
Best Lifts:
Log: 175kgs in competition and 180kgs in training
Deadlift: 380kgs – competition (836lb)
Best Placings:
– 3 times New Zealands Strongest Man
– Outright winner The Static Monsters 2015, 2016
Hates: Cake


Colm hit 420kgs on the deadlift last year and 175 on the log, he has definitely gotten stronger this year so no doubts he will go over 180 on the log and over 420 on the axle, how far? Far enough to beat Stan? It seems colm has Stan slightly beat on the deadlift, but only by a similar amount that Stan has Colm beat on the log! This will definitely make for one exciting international comparison on the day of The Static Monsters for 2017.

Stan will be competing in The Static Monsters 2017, Farmington, New Mexico, USA.

Colm will be competing in The Static Monsters 2017, Auckland, New Zealand –

Check out for the full listing of events all round the world for 2017, 35 events across 11 countries, And find out where you can also join in on the competition.