Champion Physiotherapy – SMWC2018

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Champion Physiotherapy, Brisbane and South East Queensland, Australia.

Champion Physiotherapy is a specialised strength and combat sport physiotherapy clinic that excels in keeping injured athletes training whilst resolving their injuries. Perhaps they are even more well known for tweaking athlete’s programs to improve their recovery, performance and helping to shape their mental attitudes.

Although based in Brisbane, Australia. Champion Physiotherapy now does skype consultations with athletes from around the world. The best professionals in the industry are now in your home, ready to help take you to the next level!

For Static Monsters World Championships 2018 (SMWC2018) you’ll see James who is the principle physiotherapist of Champion Physiotherapy. James has been involved with an array of strength and combat teams for several years, even travelling internationally with the Australian Judo team. You’ll see James regularly at strongman competitions around the region – in fact you can meet him before the event at the ISF Highlander games (April 14/15, 2018) where he will be supporting Will (ISF) and the competitors there.

For the Static Monsters World Championships 2018 (SMWC2018) Champion Physiotherapy has an AMAZING offer below for the strength athletes:



Finally, a physio who SPECIALISES in STRENGTH SPORTS!

People don’t understand that after dedicated training you expect results and often this comes with stiffness and soreness. It is incredibly frustrating when you’ve had to stretch, activate, foam roll, trigger point massage and heat pack for over 30 minutes just to feel ready for your next training session.

What if there was a way to get the IDEAL warm-up for YOU?

A consistent way to get MORE time to focus on your training. Minimise discomfort and soreness with better recovery and most importantly….  maximise performance.

Find out:

  1. How to minimise pain and soreness
  2. How to maximise the benefits of a warm-up
  3. How to create permanent flexibility and motor activation improvements
  4. How to prevent common injuries

We Guarantee:

  1. Flexible Skype Consultation Hours Monday-Saturday from 7am-7pm (GMT+10)
  2. Return Messages / E-mails within 1 business day
  3. Never more than 10 minutes late.

INTRODUCING the ‘Athlete Tune-up’ normally valued at $200 AUD. The tune-up involves a comprehensive examination by a physiotherapist who will look at your training regime and physical attributes to provide optimal recovery solutions and strengthening of weaker areas.

ONLY for the 2018 Static Monsters WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, the Athlete tune-up will be 50% off bringing it down to $100 AUD.

Message us on Facebook or e-mail [email protected] to take advantage of this amazing offer — right now!