2023 SMWC – Results

Dan Thomas, London, UK, took on the massive job of running the Static Monsters World Championship for 2023 and put on an incredible show. To compete at the event, competitors had to first qualify in one of the Static Monsters Worldwide events that happened on October of 2022 where over 1200 people took part across […]

2023 Static Monsters World Championships

The Static Monsters World Championships is an extension of the Static Monsters Worldwide. The worldwide event is designed to give as many people as possible a chance to compete in a strongman event in a wide range of weight and ability classes in a city as close to them as possible. Moving beyond the worldwide […]

Adaptive Classes Update 2022

For 2022 The Static Monsters Worldwide will now offer two more classes under the Adaptive divisions to give more people a fairer place to compete in their chosen strength sport of Strongman. 1 arm seated as well as a Special division will be joining the Standing, 1 arm standing, Seated and Neuro classes for 2022 […]

SMWW 2021 Results

2021 has seen the biggest ever gathering of strongman competitors to take part in a the Static Monsters competition. 1256 competitors (yes, we had announced 1253 last week) plus a long list of organisers, volunteers and of course spectators in 68 cities and towns across 21 countries. With that came some very close competition among […]

SMWW 2020 Top Rankings

The Static Monsters Worldwide for 2020 has been the biggest ever with 985 people taking part from 19 countries on the weekend of October 24/25, 2020. The top lifts from each of the classes can be seen in the 2020 lift records page of staticmonsters.com . Congratulations and well done to the below competitors on […]

1000 competitors

1000 Competitors – No, not all in the same room, that would be crazy, and there wouldn’t be enough bathrooms available for strongman competitors. Plus the ventilation wouldn’t be able to the influx smelling salts/ammonia. 1000 refers to the number of competitors I am hoping to take part in The Static Monsters Worldwide for 2020. […]