Adaptive Athletes & Special Athletes

Multiple classes are now available as a part of The Static Monsters Worldwide to help give more opportunities for competitors of all levels and abilities to be able to compete on a fairer platform. For 2022 there are now “Special” and “Seated 1 Arm” classes joining our Seated, Standing, 1 Arm Standing, and Neuro classes.

Class Definitions:

Special: Following the description used by the Special Olympics, found here:

Standing: For the standing division, you must have a physical disability that prevents you from safely handling the weights in the open division and/or competing evenly against athletes without any disabilities

Seated: For the seated division, you need to either have a physical disability that requires you to use a wheelchair or you meet the physical criteria for the standing division but you choose to compete in a wheelchair. For instance, if you have a prosthetic leg, you may compete in either division, depending on how you feel the prosthetic limb will hold up. If you are competing in the seated division, all athletes will be using the same wheelchair for the events.

Neuro: For the neuro division, you must have cerebral palsy, spina bifida, MS, or some similar condition that impairs optimal neurological function at a high enough level to put you at a disadvantage going against someone with a fully functional nervous system.

One-Arm Standing: athletes would be lifting a Dumbbell instead of a log.

One-Arm Seated: Athletes will be using a Dumbbell instead of a log.

Rules to be aware of:

Judging the Seated Press – The athlete’s body must remain in contact with the seat for the duration of the press. The buttocks can not come off the seat in any way. Athletes must be in control of the pressing object on their own before the pressing movement begins (Spotters can not be supporting the implement as the competitor begins to press).