2023 Static Monsters World Championships

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The Static Monsters World Championships is an extension of the Static Monsters Worldwide. The worldwide event is designed to give as many people as possible a chance to compete in a strongman event in a wide range of weight and ability classes in a city as close to them as possible. Moving beyond the worldwide event is the World Championships where the best of those competing in the Worldwide event can come together to compete, head to head on the same platform. The World Championships, like the worldwide is set up to move around the world, making it more accessible to more people each year and for 2023 this will be no different.

For 2023 the Static Monsters Championships moves to its 3rd Continent, this time to the country of England within the United Kingdom. Thank you to Dan Thomas the event will be held in London on July 29th and 30th 2023.

Contact: Dan Thomas – [email protected]

Dates: July 29 and 30th 2023 (weigh in on 28th July for 29th event)

Venue: The Albany Theatre – Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG, United Kingdom

Qualifying for the 2023 Static Monsters World Championships – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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