15 Countries Confirmed for Static Monsters WorldWide 2018

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Off the back of the success of the 2017 running of the Static Monsters Worldwide topped by the World Championships in May, the worldwide event for 2018 is growing at a rapid rate. Two more countries have got involved in the past two weeks, So far confirmed at 15 countries on board with at least 43 events planned across those countires for the 2018 worldwide event.


What is driving these people to get involved? Only a few simple reasons:

  • It is easy for anyone to have a go. So many people are choosing The Static Monsters as their first time to compete as there are only two events to learn.
  • It is easy for someone to run as an event. Also it is simple for a person concidering running events to be able to run such an event. Only two lifts are involved so equipment requirements are low.
  • The worldwide scoresheet. With 8 weight classes (4 womens and 4 mens), plus a masters sub-ranking system (for those over 40) it is an incredible way to know where you stand in a worldwide ranking system across the whole planet, against novices, intermediate and advanced athletes all at the same time.

What is to look forward to next year? Have a look at this years promotional video from the “Static Monsters World Championships”:



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